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The personal, digital
financial assistant

Yoli is a digital assistant that supports your customers in many areas of their lives. They can link their bank accounts with Yoli and receive help in optimizing their contracts, insurance policies and much more. You’ll benefit of this on various levels.


The co-pilot
for your finances

FINUX interprets business accounts, balance sheets and bookkeeping in interaction with publicly available information – so that users gain an integrated overview of their company. They receive more information about business clients and create new points of contact.

To that end, users simply link FINUX to their bank accounts. Within seconds, all data will be automatically captured. Users can see their top clients, top suppliers, business connections, turnovers, liquidity, and their forecast. More still, they can connect their GetMyInvoices account and accounting software to FINUX. A personal newsfeed offers additional support.


The digital moving assistant

With Moove, you can effectively support your customers during their relocation and draw their attention to your services at the appropriate time. Moove is a practical moving aid, which fits – as an app installed on the smartphone – into any back pocket. With this app, your customers have an overview of the task on hand, which can partly be dealt with directly in the app itself.

Finding a suitable transporter, catering, helpers, or a childminder for moving day – Moove lends a helping hand. And the app offers more than just a checklist.