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This is fino

Advancement and perspective instead of the search for data lake patterns

fino’s roots can be found in the sector’s first digital, fully automated account switcher. Since 2015, we have continuously grown and expanded our expertise. Today, fino combines data science with financial literacy and document recognition. The results are digital products that think independently and deduce individual recommendations, which can then be directly implemented by the user. fino Services promotes customer centricity without being a data leech.

We provide our partners with products that complement their core business and sustainably improve customer loyalty – and we only get paid when our partners succeed. No investors, no data leeches, no venture capital. fino entered the market completely self-financed, and was profitable after only three months. That we have started building links with partners for strategic reasons doesn’t change anything about our DNA – we will stay independent and pursue long-term business goals. Unlike other market players, fino doesn’t pursue an exit strategy.

Less finance #moreyou

From successful products to success insourcing and #moreyou

In 2015 we started supplying products to banks that their clients valued and found exciting. Today, we go further and not only provide products, but bring our skills and team spirit to the table, co-create business models and take responsibility for the success. We want to make this success measurable. Our vision “less finance #moreyou” is the basis: every product and every fino service creates #moreyou credits for customers.

Backed by our experience in account switching, we expanded our technology USP significantly. Not only are we the best at understanding bank accounts, we also retrieve the invoice for every transactions for our customers. That gives us completely new insights, i.e., the context behind a transaction. We call it the credit side of life: we enable every customer and every user to find and reach his personal #moreyou with the help of our products and services. All our products take up this principle and simplify the account holder’s life, help saving money, or make bookkeeping easier.



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We offer services based on accounts or account mining. The insights we gain are wrapped in our products and offer a specific use or relief to end customers. All insights are compiled into user profiles, from which we deduce by context what the user currently requires. The resulting recommendations are based on life situation in connection with accounts, or the life events visible in those.

Accounts are, today, not yet understood as data sources for insights. Thanks to the digital account switcher, we are already leading in account- and contract analysis, which we will continuously expand upon. Accounts and finances experience a more and more central role with people and businesses, and thus are of daily relevance and in full view. Our products and recommendations happen where users are attentive and where providers spot a use.


Another one of fino’s pillars is the DocTech sector. Here we offer services that automate the processing of different document types. Documents are retrieved from their respective sources and structured data is extracted via machine learning and artificial intelligence. The information gained here is added to the user profile as additional insights – completing the profile.

All services in the DocTech sector are based on our product GetMyInvoices. With GetMyInvoices, we monthly save thousands of businesses a great deal of time and nerves by automating the entire preparatory accounting process. Using the services developed from GetMyInvoices, our expertise in documents and the information obtained can be utilized by our partners, too.


RegTechs live and work with huge amounts of data and the application of artificial intelligence to reduce financial risks, to increase the compliance with regulations, and to prevent money laundering and fraud. Criminal activities can thus be impeded by utilizing the most modern technologies.

To counteract such activities and to support banks during the laborious and difficult KYC process, which has to be conducted, for example, at the opening of new accounts, we developed the digital solution KYCnow. The KYC process of identifying risks of money laundering and financing of terrorism can already be automatically displayed – electronically and machine readable – and solved through the KYCnow platform.

Members of the executive board

Florian Christ

& Co-Founder

Aleksandar Jeremic

& Co-Founder

Björn Kahle

& Co-Founder

Christian Reichmayr


Extended Management & Co-Founder

Alexander Vey

& Co-Founder

Fabian Schmidt

Head of Legal

Patrick Brückner

& Co-Founder

Björn Sänger


Tobias Eiss


Carina Osthold

Corporate Development

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