Our SaaS solutions


The invoice management solution of the future

Digital invoice management – GetMyInvoices is the central invoice management software for your business, with automated download of invoices and account statements from over 10,000 online portals, invoice import from email post boxes, scanning of paper documents and many more features that simplify your preparatory bookkeeping. Subsequently, GetMyInvoices takes care that your documents are automatically transmitted to your preferred accounting system.

Automatic invoice download

GetMyInvoices retrieves invoices and account statements from over 10,000 online portals, email post boxes and document management systems.

Smart workflows

Our smart workflows help you dealing with invoice approvals, payments, expenses settlement, travel expense accounting and much more.

Synchronization with DATEV & Co

Synchronize your GetMyInvoices account with your preferred accounting system or document management system.


Instant data – the KYC process reinvented

The amount of laundered money in Germany today amounts to over 100 billion Euro annually, according to an analysis of the Federal Ministry of Finance. That money does not only hide crime, it rewards it. To counteract this state of affairs and to support the responsible persons in the laborious and difficult KYC process, which has to be executed when entering into a new business relationship, we developed the digital solution KYCnow. The KYC process for the identification of risks concerning money laundering and financing of terrorism can already be automatically displayed and solved in electronic form through the KYCnow platform.

Automate KYC processes

Automated processes help the responsible persons to fulfil regulatory requirements and due diligence in accordance with the Money Laundering Act.

Monitoring of customers

Customer monitoring notifies you in certain events and in real time about relevant changes concerning established customers.

Sector standard for KYC processes

Together with the responsible persons, we want to define and establish a standard within the KYC process.


Digitally receive all receipts directly at the checkout

anybill is a multi-retailer app for consumers that digitally receives all checkout receipts directly on the smartphone. This makes anybill an innovative and sustainable solution for the Receipt Obligation 2020. The user has the option to centrally manage all receipts in the app, and furthermore benefits from features like the integrated expenses manager and functions to export receipts to the accounting department or tax return.

Digital receipt

Digitally receive receipts directly at the checkout on your smartphone and centrally store and manage all documents in the app.

Receipt Obligation 2020

anybill fulfils all requirements in accordance with the Receipt Obligation 2020 and is legally compliant.

Synchronization with GetMyInvoices

Through the connection of anybill with GetMyInvoices, receipts can be automatically forwarded to different systems.