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The KT Bank AG (Public Limited Company) is the first bank with an Islam-compliant business model in Germany. Since 2015, it has been offering its clients financial products and services relevant to accounts and financing – and all in accordance with the religious and ethical set of values of Islam.

Background to digital account opening

The digital application route allows new bank clients an easy and convenient path to opening an account. Our solution can be used in the branch with a member of staff, at the home computer or on mobile devices. In just a few steps, the client is led through the process that results in a new account. The application route can be conveniently combined with other fino solutions, like the Account Switching Aid. This way, an even better client onboarding process is possible.

Previously it was necessary for clients to download a form – then print it, sign it and send it to the bank they wanted to open an account in. The form was then used by a member of staff to transfer data into the bank system to open the account. With our digital application route, this paper-heavy process has not just been simplified, but turned more efficient, too.

Implementation with the KT Bank

Since November 2016, the KT Bank has been using our digital application route to account opening as a white label solution. When opening our solution, the new client has the option to choose between an individual and a group account. Once the personal data has been entered, additional products, like a Maestro Card, can be configured.


The client then receives an overview of the legal terms. In the next step, relevant information like credit-worthiness or any possible external accounts can be verified in real time. In the background, a SCHUFA (Credit Investigation Company) investigation will also be conducted in real time. Even during the process the client already gets a preview of his future bank cards. Next, the account opening contract is generated and prepared – without a signature yet, containing pre-contractual information. Following this, the activation and legitimization of the contract will be executed via WebId.

In all this, the previous process has not just been digitalized. In conjunction with fino, the KT Bank examined and verified the existing form with respect to current requirements. Working together, the form has been reduced by roughly 50% of the existing fields.

After those few steps, the client is legitimized within minutes, the data is transferred to the bank system, and the account is open.

Added value offered by our solution
  • Significant time savings through digital implementation
  • Convenient service in the branch, at home or on the go
  • Faster, more convenient customer-onboarding
  • Account is available immediately

We are delighted to keep supporting the KT Bank in future as our partner in continuously delivering their clients high standards in service.

“fino is a professional and reliable partner – competent in consulting and pragmatic in implementation.”

Ferhat Aslanoglu, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications