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comdirect bank AG (Public Limited Company), located in Quickborn, was founded in 1994 as a subsidiary of Commerzbank. This credit institution is one of the largest direct banks in Germany. Already, comdirect offers its customers a broad portfolio of products relating to payment transactions, deposits, securities and loans.

Background to sparCheck

In 2015, comdirect was the first German bank to initiate the so-called Start-up Garage for young entrepreneurs in the finance sector. Founders and their start-ups can apply with fresh ideas to advance and develop those side by side with comdirect. Since 2016, fino has been incorporated in the Start-up Garage, too, and together with comdirect developed the idea that led to sparCheck.

With sparCheck, consumers can easily compare their costs for energy and gas and switch energy contracts effortlessly.

Implementation with comdirect bank AG

Since August 2018, consumers can conveniently compare their energy costs on To do so, they only have to enter their postal code, household size and current energy- and gas supplier. The data is transmitted securely and encrypted in compliance with the data protection regulation. Users of sparCheck immediately receive comparative values for their current energy contract at a glance, and can choose to conveniently switch online to a more favourable price. The data bank for the comdirect sparCheck is continuously updated. As well as that, the comdirect customer service is available in case of queries.

To make sure that comdirect can offer this service to all consumers, no matter whether they are comdirect customers or not, we developed the website and host it for comdirect. Here we see ourselves as idea generators and contact partners for existing and future solutions regarding change and saving. With our solution we help comdirect to make their customers’ lives easier.


sparCheck is constantly being developed – our current plan is to enable the comparison of internet providers. For this is, next to technical competence, one of our strengths: fino’s “World of Recommendations” states profound recommendations to help you getting the best out of your finances

Added value offered by our solution
  • comdirect customer or not – everybody can easily compare their current energy- and gas rates, switch contracts and save money
  • • Customer loyalty through competence in all financial matters


We are happy to support the comdirect bank AG as partners in offering their customers an added value that makes life easier.