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With more than 100 branches and over 450,000 members, BBBank belongs to the big member banks in Germany. And as the only cooperative retail bank it serves the entire federal territory. BBBank offers its customers services relating to bank accounts, loan- and construction financing, provision and diverse insurances.

Background to the switching service

When consumers want to switch their account to another bank, they often think of it as a complicated process that requires great effort on their side. This is where fino’s Account Switching Service comes in. On the customer’s side, it answers questions like “Who has to be informed?”, “What is required?”, or “How long will the switch take?”. On the bank advisor’s side answers are given to questions like “What life situation is the customer in?” or “Is there a need for more dialogue?”

With fino’s switching service, it is possible for customers to switch their entire bank account, including all payment partners, from the old to the new bank in just a few steps and within minutes.

Implementation with BBBank

Since March 2016, fino’s Account Switching Service has been in use in BBBank as a white label solution. Customers can decide whether they want to execute the switch online on their own, for example while being at home, or in a personal consultation with a bank adviser in the branch.

A face-to-face meeting has the advantage that customers immediately receive answers and information in case they have questions. During the consultation, the customer’s details are recorded; then the customer logs into their existing online banking area. There, all transactions and payment partners will be identified by our intelligent algorithm, categorized and aligned with our self-learning data bank. In case any payment partners cannot be identified, they can simply be entered manually.


Finally, the customer deposits the new BBBank account details with just a click. After those few steps the account is moved to BBBank and can be used straight away.

Added value offered by our solution
  • Convenient, fast customer onboarding in just a few steps
  • Customer satisfaction: customers can use the new bank account straight away
  • Experience-oriented consultancy approach
  • Higher consultation quality through personal meetings. Account switch can be the starting point for further BBBank services

“with fino we can offer our new customers a great service that completes the online account change in less than 8 minutes. The fact that customers are enthusiastic is also shown by the gold bank status of the rating portal ekomi, where customers are delighted with the simplicity and convenience.”

Frank Ruf, Leiter Strategisches Marketing

We are happy to be able to support BBBank as partners in continuously offering their customers a high standard of service.