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New insights through context

Not only do we understand bank accounts, we also collect invoices for every transaction for your customers with GetMyInvoices. In addition, we retrieve trade- and transparency register excerpts, analyse them and support businesses with the verification according to the Know-your-Customer principle. We analyse emails, contracts, subscriptions and numerous other documents like salary- and deposit statements. The information contained in those documents gives us a completely new insight that far surpasses transaction lists and individual assessments. It reflects the customer’s life.

In our profile module, all information flows together to show the context between individual transactions and listings. This can point to particular situations, enquiries or discoveries, which we can play to the consumer as a Feed to help him, through the automatization of processes, to save money or to significantly simplify complex and work-intensive tasks like accounting.

In short: we understand your customers, we focus on the most important issues, do our part to optimize their processes and create enthusiasm. More than that, with our recommendations we help filling your business model, which targets such value additions, with life. Which building blocks do you need? We offer the following features:

Personal and business profile
People and businesses profiled

Depending on your requirements, our profile displays people or businesses using structured information, which originates from bank accounts, transactions, contracts and emails.

Master data
All basic information perfectly organized

This feature displays all necessary master data as well as the beneficial owners. We capture all relevant information about your business customers for you: whether it’s in the Credit Investigation Company, the Federal Gazette or the trade register – KYCnow saves you the effort. We also collect your customer’s documents. This way, they can upload missing documents conveniently and securely online whenever the need arises. Risk factors, which can play a role in case of certain sectors or countries, are considered here.

Keep an eye on all purchases

Because we centrally organize invoices and receipts at GetMyInvoices, we know what customers bought when and how. As well as that, we can read the linked accounts and know when which invoice has been paid, when an amount has been deducted, and which other outstanding demands on their account the customer has settled. We combine all this information to give customers a complete overview of all their purchases.

A history of places visited

Some invoices in GetMyInvoices, transactions in bank accounts and emails also offer information about the locations a person has visited. Our software recognizes when a product has been bought in a local shop, who stayed when in which hotel, or booked which flight for when. From the history it can be learned, for instance, where a person shops regularly or what places they visit – maybe at certain times.

Context and recommendations
Specific recommendations for action

Our technology can combine data from third-party providers, data gained from account access (XS2A), documents and emails to work out a context. Through it, we can understand consumer behaviour as well as life situations and identify more touch points that enable direct interactions.

We supply your customers with alerts and recommendations to improve their processes, and we supply you with alerts regarding your customers’ requirements and with specific recommendations for actions, which you can use to cross- and up-sell. Be amazed by this simple communication with trade, manufacturers and partners, integrated into the product life cycle!

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