Yoli – The digital
financial assistant for your customers

Yoli – suiting your requirements

With Yoli, you can provide your customers, prospective buyers and other target groups with a digital assistant to support them in many areas of their lives.You decide exactly what the individual application for your customers should look like, and we compile Yoli as a white label solution in your look and feel.

Your advantages at a glance

Precise product placement

The intelligent contract management feature enables you to introduce your products at the exactly right moment. You increase the efficiency of your planned actions and save valuable time.

Little effort

No IT effort is invested on your side. In case you have your own solution, you can also integrate Yoli easily using our API.

Additional revenue

With our revenue share model, you’ve got the option to generate new income. You’ll receive a share in the form of commissions obtained through Smart Actions for contract switches and suchlike in Yoli.

1. Contract management

Manage contracts – paperless

Customers have the option to link their bank accounts with Yoli. By evaluating the payments, our technology automatically recognizes all values and contracts. Contracts can also be added manually and equipped with further details. As well as that, Yoli can automatically import documents from online portals, which can be amended by manual upload, too.

Thus, all contracts, documents and transactions are transparently prepared and filed in one location – without the paper chaos.  Contracts can be switched and cancelled in just a few clicks.

2. Customer profiling

Recommendations that really spark action

Intelligent algorithms recognize life-changing moments, for example relocation, a wedding, or a change in employment – and give suitable recommendations consonant with your products. For instance, increased contract transaction amounts, expiring cancellation periods, saving potentials and much more can be identified automatically and communicated to the user in real-time through the Smart Feed. If a user buys shares, the Smart Feed will display suitable news relating to the car manufacturer’s stock market situation.

Another example is Smart Alerts, where automatically imported invoices are assigned to a contract. Users are reminded of important events and receive individual helpful tips that are all about their financial situation – be it a contract termination, an overdue tyre change or the tax declaration. Thanks to suitable Smart Actions, the user can react immediately and, example given, switch or cancel a contract in just a few clicks or simplify the tax declaration and deliver it in a short space of time.

3. Financial overview

The financial situation at a glance

The user can view all contracts, documents and transactions transparently laid out. At any time, they can see how much money has been spent on what, and how much is still available for the rest of a given month. Regular usage will also ensure the possibility of creating an individual forecast, helping the customer to make more intelligent financial decisions, before it is too late.

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