Receive information quickly and automatically with


Kassel. A lot of ideas emerge from conversations with customers and partners – because to put their requirements into practice is what drives fino to develop new products. This is also true for the new Trade Register API. It makes it possible to quickly and easily receive excerpts and announcements from the trade register.

The requested documents are automatically retrieved from the trade register via a technological interface. In doing so, the respectively most current version will be called up – and it will be available to users as original PDF within ten minutes. If required, data can also be read via OCR and retrieved in structured form (JSON). This way, the data can be utilized optimally in the user’s own system.

“The Trade Register API can be technologically integrating in existing systems. Consequently, requested excerpts or announcements don’t have to be downloaded by hand. Users save a lot of time”, Björn Kahle, product owner of fino’s Trade Register API, knows.

Diverse applications
The advantage supplied by the automatic retrieval through the Trade Register API can be used in diverse scenarios: as part of the Know-your-Customer process, in case of compliance requests, or when new suppliers or traders have to be verified – the fast and cost-efficient provision through the new fino product saves valuable time.