FINUX – taking a closer look at your own enterprise


Kassel. Businesses often take a long time to answer questions regarding liquidity, credit worthiness, or the most important suppliers. Getting the “quick” overview that entrepreneurs want is difficult. This becomes particularly problematic when information of that sort is needed on a business trip, as receiving answers is often only possible with the help of co-workers. FINUX brings a change. Now, consultants can focus entirely on their area of expertise and fully prepare for appointments with business clients – without the troublesome groundwork or document reviews.

The most important business data at a glance
After fino’s solution has been connected to the business account, all information can be called up in real-time: straight away and at a glance. The core of FINUX is calculation of liquidation, complemented by an intelligent forecast feature. With visually compelling displays, FINUX draws relevant information from all business bank accounts and the connected financial accounting department – in short, all information that matters in regard to decision making. Important customers and suppliers are not only enriched and linked with more data, but they are also presented in relation to the own business. The combination of Smart Alerts, Smart Actions, and public information points business customers to recommended actions, e.g. when a supplier event could have an impact on the supply chain.

What makes this product so unique? Instead of separate modules, FINUX offers an entire financial accounting evaluation at a glance. Decision makers thus can forgo obsolete solutions and have a smart product at their disposal to support them in all financial matters.

With this information, users can find new consultancy approaches and expand on their customers’ interests more individually. That doesn’t only help businesses, but contributes to strengthening the bank’s market position by creating sustainable customer loyalty.