fino partners with anybill


Innovative receipt issuing app expands fino’s product portfolio / the logical conclusion of digital invoice management

Kassel. The FinTech company fino continues its growth path with its involvement in techreach GmbH. techreach is a start-up that has developed anybill, an app for digital check-out receipts. Considering the Receipt Issuing Obligation, which is in force since the beginning of 2020, this solution is in tune with the times. With anybill, retailers, restaurants, filling stations and other businesses can transmit receipts directly to their customers’ smartphones. This makes the environmentally damaging printing on thermal paper superfluous. Customers, on the other side, benefit from anybill by being able to manage all receipts conveniently with their smartphone.

With the 1st of January 2020, the Receipt Issuing Obligation came into force in Germany. That means that every customer has to be issued a receipt. To avoid the printing of receipts and thus additional pollution and unnecessary piles of rubbish, businesses have the possibility to hand out receipts to their customers in digital form. anybill turns this possibility into a reality. The customer simply has to download the free app in the App Store or Google Play. The anybill app displays a QR code which will be scanned at the check-out, and the receipt will be digitally transmitted to the customer.

Rethinking customer loyalty
Both the business and the user gain numerous advantages through anybill. Retailers, for example, can create their own digital bonus scheme and reward customers for their loyalty. Users can view their score in the app at any time, and see which rewards their points can be redeemed for. More again, with anybill it is possible to notify customers about suitable offers or forthcoming events to increase customer loyalty.

All documents at a glance
Users can automatically save all their check-out receipts in one central location. In case a shop does not yet support anybill, the user can easily add receipts using the app’s photo feature. With the search function, receipts can be retrieved quickly, for example when exchanging something or taking advantage of warranties. In addition, users benefit from more features like the integrated expense manager or a warranty tracker.

anybill in collaboration with GetMyInvoices
anybill is also linked to fino’s invoice management solution GetMyInvoices. That benefits companies by enabling them to directly export hospitality-, petrol- and other business-related receipts from anybill to GetMyInvoices. GetMyInvoices, on the other hand, comprises interfaces to numerous accounting programmes and document management systems, so that the invoices received by anybill can be directly forwarded to those solutions. In the process, GetMyInvoices’ integrated OCR reads all relevant data, making typing by hand superfluous.

“anybill is a solution that extends our product portfolio in the digital invoice management sector outstandingly”, says Björn Kahle, fino COO, and explains: “Because anybill makes it possible to digitally receive documents and receipts and forward those to GetMyInvoices without media disruption. Thus we closed the gap to an integral digital invoice management.”

Lea Frank, founder and Managing Director of anybill, adds: “fino is exactly the right partner for us. The company focusses on the innovative products expected by people in digital times. And anybill is just such a product, which offers additional value in interaction with GetMyInvoices.”