fino wins place in German Accelerator Tech Program


Kassel. At Celebrating Innovation in Cologne on the 10th October, fino was selected as a participant for the German Accelerator Tech Program. Partnering-Pro Christian Heimrich represented fino in situ.

The fino team has always been fascinated by Silicon Valley and its founder atmosphere. After a brief trip over there during the early summer, founders Florian Christ and Lena Justen knew: “We want to end up here, too.” Now, just a few months later, that wish has turned into reality.

fino has been selected for the German Accelerator Tech Program. Last night, at Celebrating Innovation in Cologne, the company was declared the winner. Now, an instructive time in San Francisco and New York lies ahead of the team, during which fino will receive support from German Accelerator Tech Program for the market launch in the USA. Bootcamps, workshops, mentor meetings and networking are on the agenda.