fino informs about digital account switch


Kassel. Many people decide against switching banks despite the availability of better alternatives. They shy away from tedious research of contact data and the necessary correspondence with insurance providers, associations, electricity suppliers and many more. Modern direct banks like Commerzbank, Wüstenrot, BBBank, some branches of Sparkasse or VR-Bank, and PSD Bank relieve their customers of this burden. Switching now means saving time and money! And it’s easy as pie: from you own home, on the go, or with a bank adviser in the branch. fino, provider of a pioneering solution for digital account switches, explains how it works.

The first step identifies the customer’s payment partners by reading transactions up to that point. Standing orders, direct debits and other regular payments are evaluated based on the previous online banking access. After the selection and approval of data through the customer, the Account Switching Service automatically notifies all payment partners regarding the new bank account.

The customer receives a summary of the account switch and can sign it off on a smartphone (via QR or SMS link), tablet or PC (with a mouse); otherwise there is the option to upload a signature.

A copy of the dispatched letters and instructions to change over standing orders are sent to the customer by email.

The Account Switching Service is usable on all common browsers. Customers who previously have not had access to online banking are led through the switch by an intelligent assistant.

The advantage in switching accounts digitally: the customer does not have to research payment partners (like employer, landlord or telephone provider) himself. Informing anyone in writing via post, email or fax is also superfluous. fino takes care of all that with the Account Switching Service.