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Our culture

Passion and fun are our priority

Flexible work times

Don’t arrange your life around your work times, but work when you are at your most creative.

More than a team

Become part of a family that emphasizes friendliness, team spirit and honesty.

Constant growth

Stagnation is regression. We offer you the possibility to self-develop as you choose.

Take responsibility

Take individual responsibility for your work and for your own projects.

Our fino culture

Open doors, short decision paths and mutual assistance create a smooth workflow.

New technologies

We work with the newest technologies and open doors to creative work innovations.

„Our body is not build for the one-sided strain at work, which is why I create a balance on-site – for individuals or for groups.“

Michèle Vanek

More than just foosball, table tennis and suchlike

Michèle, our Feelgood Manager

Long sitting in the office and starring at a screen strains the human body tremendously. To make sure that this doesn’t affect our productivity, we’ve got our Michèle – a real angel in all things concerning massages, gymnastics and other areas of healthcare. She’s available around the clock for the following services:

  • Assessment: To start off, an individual treatment plan is created by accurately observing and checking the body. The plan will be coordinated with your own workplace and thus offers an optimal progress sequence.
  • Massages: Caring for body and soul, massages serve relaxation as well as medical therapies.
  • Group courses (like Yoga, meditation and so on) strengthen team spirit and ensure relaxation.
  • Gymnastics: To counter too much desk work, it is possible to compile specific exercises for individuals, to train either in a preventative or collateral fashion.

Of course, this is free for all employees for as often as you like 😉

Initiative application

Did we forget about you?

You think that we at fino would improve with you on board? Show initiative, apply now, and show us what you’ve got!

We’ll get back to you as fast as possible.

At fino, it doesn’t matter if I work from Hamburg, Lübeck, Erfurt, Berlin or Kassel. I find my colleagues when I need them!

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