Our API components
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Premium solutions for your applications

Behind finoOS you’ll find a system of different components we developed in collaboration with our partners to save you and your customers work – so you have more time for the essentials.

Our technology combines your applications with banking features, provides company information, helps your customers to keep an eye on their contracts, yields document-related services, and brings order to the daily flood of emails. Through all this, we receive valuable information, which we bring together to facilitate a comprehensive view of your customers and partners. This perspective is reflected in our profile module.

Our technology recognizes life-changing events and offers suitable and relevant recommendations as well as practical support in the implementation – be it an account switch, contract change or the automatization of a bookkeeping system, to name just a few examples. Because you get to decide yourself which additional values you want to offer to your customers. Our premium solutions and their components can be freely combined, so that they fit your business model exactly and always integrate seamlessly.

Who will benefit from finoOS?

  • Banks that want to integrate our services into their solutions
  • (IT-) Consultancies with a customer focus on banks that can acquire a new project business with our Tech Stack, and are able – thanks to our competence–to not only advise banks, but to deliver solutions at the same time
  • Developers who want to build solutions quickly

Naturally, we will support you in the integration. As an eye-level partner we want you to succeed, so we offer fair remuneration that is determined by your individual application.