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Email account

The life ring in a flood of emails

To bring order to email post boxes, find invoices, orders, contracts and other documents, and transfer those to the required systems and applications, all costs you a lot of time and nerves. Caught in the middle of the daily flood of incoming post, documents can quickly be forgotten or lost. With our email account service, we help you solving this problem for you and your customers.

The base of this is the structuring and categorizing of data found in in emails. This is the cornerstone for your product, which will simplify life and which we would be delighted to develop in more detail together with you. You will be fully flexible in regard to both application and cost, as our pricing depends on your individual application.

Automatically categorize emails

Our Categorizer identifies important emails in all linked email post boxes, for example those containing documents. Based on the content and structure, the Categorizer recognizes the document type and classifies it accordingly. Most types are being recognized automatically, but you or the user of your solution can also create own individual types. This makes it easy to automatically identify documents received by email, and assign those to the relevant processing paths – no matter if they are invoices, orders, contracts or other documents.

This, in turn, is a first step towards efficiently organising incoming post, shortening document processing times, and fulfilling legal requirements like audit-proof archiving – depending on what purpose you are pursuing with the solution.

Smart Alerts
Don’t miss a thing

While analysing the daily incoming emails, our software recognizes special messages like, for example, events. From that content we can deduct Smart Alerts to inform you or your customers.

What is so special about this? You do not only receive disclosure of the information, but concrete recommendations for action, too. This way, neither you nor your customer will lose track of important emails anymore, and you’ll have more time for other things.

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