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Company information on request

Even in times of globalization companies are supposed to know their customers and contract partners. It’s not just about making the right offer at the right time, but also about security.

The Money Laundering Act, for example, imposes duties on a lot of companies. Affected businesses range from insurances, insurance brokers and credit institutions to solicitors, notaries and estate agents. All liable persons and businesses must set up risk management procedures, and specific duties of care in regard to customers are in place. This includes the duty to identify the contract partner or the entitled person behind them. Stringent requirements are valid for the verification according to the Know-your-Customer principle. All this adds to the verification of customers being a laborious, awkward and longwinded process. As well as that, it leads to a high cost factor in the onboarding process. And: the complex requirements demand highly specialized know-how.

Company verification in a click

Our Exists request enables you to find out with just a click and within seconds if a business exists and what state their credit rating is in.


When you integrate this module into your application, you can check in real time if an entered address is correct. This ensures that only correct data gets into the system, and that deliveries to the entered address will actually reach the recipient down the line.

Trade register

With this module, it is possible to retrieve the trade register excerpt from Germany and/or Switzerland. We provide it in your application and analyse the data for you.

Your advantage: with little effort, you gain legal security and important information about your business partners.

Media screening

Our media screening contains the search for a person’s or company’s web presence, an imprint comparison, assessment of articles and news, and an examination of the beneficial owners in the net. Any abnormalities will be recognized.

This means that our media screening helps in verifying received information, prevent fraud and damages to reputation, and evaluate the risk of a business relationship.


This module analyses and displays interconnections to the top, i.e. involvement pursuant to list of shareholders, as well as interconnections to the bottom (businesses, that the investigated business holds shares in). The owners and company structure become transparent.

This module can also give you important prerequisites for a verification according to the Know-your-Customer principle.

Transparency register

For the better comprehension of company interrelationships, you can simply query the central electronic transparency register with this module. Here, you’ll conveniently receive information about beneficial owners of corporations, unlimited companies and foundations acting in the financial market, in as far as it is not disclosed in the trade register.

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