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Modular solution blocks that are all about your bank services

Whether you are decision-maker in a bank, insurance, start-up or a different enterprise – everyone has to offer their customers a particularly wide range of services if they want to be successful these days.

We support you by providing a technology that helps you in developing additional value for your financial products and services, creating a foundation for new business models, or generating more income with your customers. The basis for this is found in the payment transactions in your customers’ accounts – because our lives are reflected in our accounts. With our Access to Account (XS2A) solution, your customers can link their chosen accounts with your application. This leads to more than just being able to access account functions where they are needed. It also means gaining a real value addition, as we analyse payment flows through classification and pattern recognition, interpret data and give suitable recommendations. We recognize, for example, life-changing events and help with the selection of fitting products.

We see ourselves as partners on eye-level and develop the solutions you need, and which will help you on, side by side with you. Our pricing is flexible and depends on your individual application. Simply extend your banking solution with our following modules – depending on what you need!

Finding banks without endless searching

An important part of many services can consist in finding the bank or banks where the user holds an account. Nobody wants to have to spend time pointlessly searching identifiers for one specific application in their documents, data or online tools these days. That’s why we supply a search function that can easily be integrated in your application and will enable your customers to conveniently search for banks and identifiers, like the Bank Identifier Code (BIC) or sorting codes. This improves usability, and your customers will feel in good hands when they entrust you with their bank details.

Access to Account (XS2A)
Legally compliant XS2A

Transferring money or retrieving account information – customers expect the comfort they are used to in other areas of their lives in your applications, too. Nobody, for example, wants to log in to several bank accounts one after the other to view their turnover or release payments. In fact, account functions should be available wherever they are needed. To make sure that this takes place according to regulations, you need a company that offers access to accounts via a PSD2 standard interface – also called Access to Account (XZ2A) – depending on the application, independently or using partner licenses for payment release (PISP) or for account information services (AISP).

We have the PSD2 license, giving us access to all accounts – because we have linked all market-established providers. We offer universal bank access (UBA) as a white label solution so the user can experience a maximum of comfort in their usual surroundings, log into their online banking without difficulties, and can avail of the required account information as well as payment release service functions.

More again, with our UBA you cover all regulatory requirements; because our UBA also supplies consent management, to give the user the ability to control access to his account and, if necessary, revoke it. And that creates the confidence to be in good hands with you.

Release payment
Easy payments from any application

This module simplifies payments and helps you to optimize your digital market. Your customers have the option to make payments within the application, location-independently, without having to log into their banking software. Make payments as easy as possible for your customers, and increase engagement and customer satisfaction!

Categorize transactions
Categorize and tag transactions as a base for better decision-making

The monthly salary, a pay increase, regularly deducted insurance instalments or other transactions – this module sorts transactions into income- and expense categories. Our standard set of rules automatically recognizes many types of data and is adjustable to individual user requirements.

Several tags can be assigned to each transaction, resulting in high flexibility and exactness. As well as that, we don’t only view each transaction separately, but in the context of all transactions belonging to one user. This enables us to recognize connected transactions and patterns, and carry out highly precise classifications. That means: payment flows can be analysed intelligently, and valuable insights gained.

You can, for example, improve risk and credit assessments based on this information, to efficiently make better lending decisions. More again, the payment flow analysis is key to contract recognition and to offering the exactly right products and services based on the data gained.

Recognize events and score with Smart Actions

Aided by the information we gain through transaction analysis of the linked accounts, our Events Detector recognizes life events. This includes, for example, anomalies: exceptions that deviate from usual transaction patterns and can be identified and classified.

With our Smart Alert for business accounts, you can offer suitable products for the respective event. In the private client sector it is possible to recognize life-changing moments, like the birth of a child, a job change, a wedding, building a home or taking retirement; and to understand the client’s life cycle and find suitable touch points for Smart Actions.

Improve the customer experience and increase your turnover!

Account switch
Switch accounts effortlessly

With our account switch module you give your customers the possibility of an easy, digital account transfer from one bank to another in just a few steps. We do all the work by automatically identifying relevant payment partners from the account transactions, and inform those of the account switch, if required. This means that your customers can move their account, including all payment partners, from the old to the new bank without any effort and in only a few minutes. This is a value addition that will help you realize seamless customer experience within your products and services!

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