Less Finance. More you.

#more you is different for everyone: more happiness, lightness, success, money, time or more own customers.


Our success rests on three pillars

Automating finances

We consider bank accounts as a whole, investigate and understand how they work, and supply suitable recommendations.

Understanding documents

We aggregate documents from diverse sources, semantically analyse those, and provide structured data to subsequent systems.

Revolutionizing compliance

With our full digitalization and automated processes, we help our customers to comply with regulatory requirements and due diligence.


We create digital, relevant products with passion

fino builds the products people expect in this day and age. Fast release times, individual adaptions and continuous advancement are our priorities. We provide our partners with products that complement their core business and sustainably improve customer loyalty.

Use Cases

One principle, many applications

From account management to relocation assistance: our Use Cases help by deducing suitable and individual recommendations for every user, which can be directly implemented. They simplify the account holder’s life, save money, or make bookkeeping chores easier.


Satisfied customers